Marc Forget - Voice Over

Voice Samples

FULL DEMO: Languages: English, French (European and Canadian); Accents: American, British, German, French (1 min 39 sec.)

Canadian French (23 sec.) European French (21 sec.)
American English (18 sec.) English w/French accent (20 sec.)

Michelin TV spot
French Canadian
Verizon TV spot
French accent
(translator voice)
TV Spots (US & Canada)
Verizon Heinz AT&T Michelin
American Express Calvin Klein Master Card Ferrero Rocher
Dubbing, ADR & Voice Match for TV & Film
Vampires, Netflix series, dubbed recurring character from French to English
30 Coins/Judas, Netflix series, dubbed supporting characters from Spanish to English
The Incredible Story of Rose Island, Netflix movie, dubbed supporting character from French to English
Patria, Netflix series, dubbed supporting character from Spanish to English
Burnt, directed by John Wells, starring Bradley Cooper -Voice match for Daniel Bruhl
Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola, starring Kirsten Dunst - ADR
The Score, directed by Frank Oz, starring Robert De Niro, Marlon Brando, Edward Norton - ADR
Video Games
Stephane in Midnight Club II, directed by Marco Fernandez
Radio, Corporate Videos, TV Spot Demos
Mercedes Benz Verizon Audi Volkswagen
Reebok Ford IBM JP Morgan
US Airways Dairy Queen Cadbury Crowne Plaza
DuPont Exxon Hasbro Lowe's
Maalox Phillips